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April 24th, 2010 ]
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August 1st, 2009 ]

This has beeeeeeeeeeeen the most boring month EVER! well, maybe not entirely boring, but it's been pretty lonely. I've spent more than enough time missing Jason, also getting attacked by Ryan with pillows (I'm pretty sure I might have sustained neck injuries due to that haha only minor ones, of course), being a hermit when nobody's around, annnnnnd that's really about all. See? boring!.

Lindsey's going away next weekend, so last night Jason invited me to come stay with him so I wouldn't be stuck alone and bored... you can imagine how excited I was about that, I think there was a lot of squeaking coming from me, and also maybe a lot of giggles and excitement. So, I'll be in Toronto from Aug. 7th-9th (ish, mayyyybe a day longer), I'll have to figure that one out when I talk to Jason again (sometime today). Also, our relationship has been official for 2 months now, yeah I know, it's not long, but I'm happily surprised we're still making it work so well, considering it's basically a long distance relationship... we have like the easiest anniversary you can remember; June 1st 2009 (c'mon, how easy can it be to forget that it's the first of every month?... not that we've made a big deal about the last two).

OMFG I get burrito boyz again! seriously, I miss it (I had it three times while I was there), so basically when Jason comes to meet me at the greyhound station, we're walking to burrito boyz and getting delicious burritos mmmmmm, yum! I won't be downtown much I don't think, unless it's to maybe visit Jonny, if he's around. Good god I miss Jason, I'm like all happy again because I at least know I'm seeing him in like 6 days! hooray for awesome boyfriends for making such wonderfully rad suggestions :D (god, rad is seriously now part of my daily vocabulary... that's his fault, he says rad a lot... possibly because he lived in California for 2 years? at least he doesn't say "hella" haha).

Anyway, I'm here by myself, my neck is fucking killing me, and as a result, I'm kind of in a bitchy mood and didn't really say much to Lindz before she left (I'm sorry sweets! I know you know it is when you're in pain... you can't really help but be in a sour mood, ILY!). Hm, I think I'm going to play some guitar hero (that's like all I ever do anymore when I'm by myself... I'm trying to as the game on the Hard lvl).

So yeah, I'm peacing out!

July 27th, 2009 ]
[ mood | hungry ]

This past month has been insaneeeee! I still miss Toronto as much as I did when I left... more so, I miss Jason a ton. I've been job searching my butt off since I came back to London, but it seems to be a losing battle. I want the fuck out of this city asap! I hate it! and not being able to find a job is driving me crazy! Ugh, I just wish I could go back to July 1st and arrive in Toronto and just be with my boyfriend, and chill with Jonny a bit; however, if I were to go back to July 1st, there's no chance in hell I would have come back here on the 9th... Jason had tried so hard not to convince me to stay an extra night, but we understand that, as much as we adore each other and like hanging out and doing cutesy couple shit, we need time to ourselves and to chill with our own friends... I really like that we have that understanding, as he would say "we're pretty rad".

I just went an entire 9 fucking days without talking to him! that was like... torture or some bullshit. He was in Arizona on a mini vacation visiting friends, so it's cool and all, but, I missed him. I also decided that I probably miss him wayyyyy more when I don't get to talk to him for long-ish periods of times, as opposed to not seeing him often (curse long distance relationships for that reason!), but it's ok, we work with it.

I realize I talk about Jason a lot lately... it's ok though, I think. I had been on a 6 year relationship hiatus, and then BAM! I gots a boyfriend. I'm totally past the "wtf?! how the hell did this happen?!" stage, and now I just go with the flow... it's how we do. I'm hopefully going back to Toronto on the 7th for the weekend (at least), it all depends on the funds (courtesy of my dad, for the moment) and if Jason is available then... we briefly talked about me coming to see him at the beginning/middle of August.

On a non-Jason related note: my ankles are covered in bug bites... it's itchy, and annoying... one of the few things about summer that I hateeeeee (also, humidity and puffy hair that comes with that).

Sleep time? me thinks so.

March 12th, 2009 ]
My top 10 favourite albums of all time:
01. Tragic Kingdom [[No Doubt]]
02. Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness [[Smashing Pumpkins]]
03. Apetite for Distruction [[Guns N' Roses]]
04. Eight Arms to Hold You [[Veruca Salt]]
05. Sublime [[Sublime]]
06. Frogstomp [[Silverchair]]
07. Rumours [[Fleetwood Mac]]
08. Live Through This [[Hole]]
09. The Chronic [[Dr. Dre]]
10. Swan Songs [[Hollywood Undead]]

August 22nd, 2008 ]
 School starts in about a week and a half... honestly, I couldn't be more excited! the only downer part is that Michelle isn't returning :(, not this year at least... oh well, I'll need to force myself to make new friends, it's just that nearly everyone in my program is a douche and acts like a 5 year old. My class schedule won't be up until next Thursday, kinda cutting it close, is it not? oh well, c'est la vie.

So I finally got internet back... I was without it for almost 2 months, but as you can see (or not really), I survived. I'm all moved in to the new place, I live only 10 doors down from Jeff, Alicia and the kids, so that's cool. 

Nothing else to report really...

I know, I'm so exciting, right?

June 10th, 2008 ]
 I realized I haven't mentioned anything about my externship... well, for a while it sucked but now that it's almost over (2 more days!!!!!!!!) it's gotten so much better. At the beginning, nearly everyone, aside from the really awesome exec chef, would talk down to me and treat me like garbage... i guess because I'm a student? this externship made me realize that prep work is not fun, in the least... sure it's hands on, but c'mon, who really wants to tray bacon for hours on end? or dice tomatoes (which I'll admit, to fill an 8qt container, it takes me like a half hour or better)? it's really not fun, I prefer cooking but I refuse to be a line cook... sounds snotty, i know, but for real! the prep cooks (like myself) do all the fucking work and all they do is throw food on the grill or what have you and voila! your meal is served. After seeing the process of the banquet section at the hotel, I'd almost prefer to work for them rather than the family restaurant. Everything in made in mass quantity and looks and smells absolutely delicious! one of downsides I find for both though, they don't bake their own products... I can't tell you how many times I've seen Cakewalkers deliver there, I mean, they already have a restaurant and banquet service... why not a patisserie? AND the cookies, scones, danishes, cinnamon rolls etc. are frozen! wtf and the muffins, ugh don't even get me started... this is coming from someone who finds GREAT joy in baking, and that actually upsets me.

Anyway, I thought I'd say something about my externship while I'm still doing it, even though I'm at the end... yay!! 

I almost forgot... the real reason I was meaning to do this blog. My dad put the house up for sale on Friday... and it sold yesterday, I'm sad because I love this house and I grew up in it... but, Michelle and I are moving in together for 2nd year!! I'm stokedddd.

April 29th, 2008 ]
 I'M DONE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finished Friday, so I'm off for 4 months :D. I start my externship for 2nd year next Monday, the exec chef is awesome... haven't met him in person yet, but he seems super nice and is kinda funny. I get to see Megadeth in 2 days... not a huge fan of theirs, but who knows, maybe i'll really dig them at the show, I'm mainly going to see Job for a Cowboy and In Flames (possibly Children of Bodom as well, they're pretty cool).

February 18th, 2008 ]
 First off...

EVERYTHING IS ANNOYING ME RIGHT NOW! I just don't understand why, but absolutely everything is annoying me. Such as, the sound of annoying talking (to me specifically), the weather (understandable), the sound of ice cubes clinking in a plastic cup, feeling like a prisoner in my own home, and not being able to do anything. I'm sure there's more that's annoying me, but I can't think of anything off the top of my head.

Also, I hate the fact that guys try to con me into thinking (or believing) that they like me... I don't fall for that shit anymore. I came to the conclusion when I was 18, that I will always be the girl that few guys will date, but when something better comes along they'll ditch. My friends tell me otherwise, but in all honesty, when have i ever dated a "normal" guy... one that's never suffered from depression, or anger management? never. And then there's the so-called caring ones, the ones that compliment you regularly, but in the end all they're looking for is a piece of ass... sorry guys, I don't put out that easily. 

I gave up on relationships before I turned 18 (like 2 months before), that was when my last relationship ended. I had been with the guy for 8 months, he suffered from depression, and every time I suggested taking a bit of a breather because I was feeling a little overwhelmed (he told me he loved me 3 weeks after we started dating, and 2 months after we started dating he asked me to marry him, get my point?), he threated to kill himself. In the end, he admitted to cheating on me, and left me for another girl.

Every single relationship I had been in prior to then, well, including the last one as well, was always the same.
Guy: I think you're so awesome and I feel a total connection between us
Me: Aww thanks *insert stupid smiley face here*
Guy: Will you go out with me? like, be my girlfriend...
Me: Sure!
*a couple months go by...*
Um Ange, we need to talk...
Me: About what?
Guy: Us
Me: Ok...
Guy: Yeah, I'm seeing another girl and I've totally fallen for her... so, what I mean is, I don't want to be with you anymore

The end.

Moral of the story kids, don't jump into relationships so quickly... it's better to evaluated the potential boyfriend/girlfriend before you decide to date them.

January 5th, 2008 ]
 I just want to say something about the Britney Spears situation.

I'm not exactly partial to the pop singer, but that's not to say that i hate her. She has talent, and her music is pretty good. What I'd like to say, is that, at this point I actually feel sorry for her. She's been through so much over the last while, everyone knows her career went down pretty quickly, I say starting when she began dating K-Fed. It's only getting worse, she's everywhere in the media, and none of it being positive. For a while there I used to laugh at her because she's turned into such a mess, but the one thing that did it for me, that bothers me so much, is that EVERYWHERE you fucking look, there's mention of this "standoff" and holding her youngest child hostage. I don't want to watch the video of her strapped to a gurney, in hysterics. Fuck the media, they should be ashamed of themselves for posting the video, or rather, filming this in the first place! we don't know Britney, we don't know her situation, I don't believe what the media has to say about her. Who the fuck are we to judge her? sure she's been in the spotlight A LOT lately, and I know everyone will say "she did this to herself", maybe so, but she not entirely to blame for it.

Everywhere you look, there's a picture of her looking like a train wreck, but did any of the assholes ever consider her as a human being as well? with feelings? she's not some caged animal at a carnival, placed upon us to view. She's an entertainer, sure she's made mistakes, and still is, but then again, we're not all perfect. Just because she's a celebrity, doesn't mean we can pick apart her life. She's no different that anyone else. We all go through bad times, get over it! the more we bash the poor girl, the more she's going to lash out and cause more drama. Give her a break. For once I'd like the media to stop writing up on her, taking photographes, or filming every move she makes. She needs to better herself, and the ongoing negative attention she's recieving isn't helping in anyway. I'm glad that Federline has custody of the kids, but I hope Britney gets better so that she can have her children in her life once again.

Maybe next time you go to make fun of her, think for a moment: what if that was me? or someone I knew?... would I want them to make fun of them/me?  I can guarantee the answer is no. So just think before you speak.

I feel better now. 

December 16th, 2007 ]
 Now that I'm off *sigh of relief*, I have free time to do whatever I want... and, I've been itching to bake Christmas-y things (baking in my passion, I freakin' love it!), haven't quite decided on what to bake though, I'm running low on sugar so I'll have to make a pit stop at the store tomorrow, maybe grab some other ingredients to go along with the festive season baking extravaganza I'm about to commence. I miss baking cupcakes, it's been a while, well I did bake cupcakes in bake class a few weeks back, but they were wayyyyy too chocolatey for my taste (double chocolate cupcakes with chocolate-orange buttercream frosting, anyone? :P), but I mean mad cupcake baking, and now that I actually have a piping bag with assorted tips for decorating, I'm pretty much set. It's just motivation I guess.

I'm also finally putting up the artifical tree tomorrow, we were going to get a real one but time is running out and I want to do this asap, yay for decorating! though I loathe stringing the lights up.

Brody and Kaidance [Sunday
December 9th, 2007 ]

Brody and Kaidance
Originally uploaded by electr0beat
Last Saturday I went to Alicia's place to take picture of the kids for christmas time... well if that didn't take a million tries. I think I took about 30 pictures before we finally got one that was decent, but this one is my all time favourite haha too cute for words.

October 8th, 2007 ]
 This 4 day weekend SUCKS! BLOWS! STINKS! ARGH! you get the point. I'm sick... with a combination of a head/chest cold. I haven't seen much of my family since they've been down, and my cousins leave tomorrow morning, so I'm hoping I at least get to see them for a little bit today, that's if they're not out with my other cousins like always :P. I got to go out to Lindsey's birthday bash for a little bit, and I do mean a little bit, I was home just before 10:30pm Saturday night, I would have stayed longer had I not been sick, but really what can you do?.

I have school tomorrow, I was enjoying not having class... and tomorrow I have 2 tests! go me! I've spent the last 2 days writing out lengthy notes for my one class which I have an online test for tomorrow, that I haven't even had time yet to study for my Writing for Hospitality test, I don't even know what I'm supposed to be studying for that one!! the teacher gives us very vague descriptions for EVERYTHING!! no wonder nobody shows up to that class, she's sooooooooo freakin' boring and quiet and she makes the 2 hour class seem like eternity! it's bogus. At least the other professors I have are more exciting, she just rambles on quietly about memos and runon sentences and fragmented sentences and grammar/punctuation and whatever jargon! all this information (or lack thereof) is hurting my brain. She was kind enough last Tuesday to let us leave a half hour early because we had a long day, HA! if only she knew what our schedule was like the following day.

Oh, my birthday! it was fuuuuuuuuuuuun. Alicia came for the drinking part at my place, but had to leave afterwards. Lindsey and Chantal were there too and it was just a lot of fun. The pre-drinking was fun times, booze+80s music+3 of my favourite girls= the time of our lives, seriously. YMCA was probably the best hahaha.

Now I must go, find something to eat then go visit my cousins and stuff so I can at least say goodbye before they leave tomorrow. Apparently Alicia is bringing Brody over so he can play with Zakk (my cousin's son).


May 20th, 2007 ]
Alicia and Jeff's wedding was last Saturday, it was really nice, aside from me suddenly getting sick at the reception...

This weekend, however, has been absolutely fucking brutal. I made the HUGEST fucking mistake EVER by volunteering to babysit their little demons. Thursday evening until... well sometime today. I'm beginning to not like Brody and Kaidance, they don't listen and they talk back and they keep touching my shit and ARGH! i want them gone! NOW right fucking nowwwwwwww.

I'm going drinking at CTO with Lindz and Steve tonight... I can't wait :D i plan on drinking my face off, i need it desperately in order to get some of my sanity back!

April 3rd, 2007 ]

One more day, then it's back to tutoring. I'm really beginning to think that I'm not qualified enough (or at all) to be tutoring French. As I've mentioned, I haven't taken French in 7 years... nobody seems to believe me when I say, I can't do it. I thought grade 9 French would be really easy with basic grammar and verbs... but of course that's not the case, I really have to think about each page I work with him on, and sometimes it could take as long as 20 minutes before I'm ok with helping him. I feel so useless, but I feel that I can't just give up, since I've made a commitment to it. It almost seems pointless, and it really frustrates me. I'd love to say this would be over soon, but unfortunately there's still something like 2 and a half months of school left. This tutoring job (which I don't get paid for) is more like a teaching job. I have to pick what pages we're going to work on, and what pages to assign him for homework.

I need out of this house, I'm seriously going to scream if I don't. There's nothing like watching the world from inside a house... and I say that with total sarcasm. Also, I hate being sick... and my sickness is just about gone.

I WANT OUT OF MY HOUSE NOWWWWWWWWWWWW! I'm going crazy, there's nothing to do here, I want out.


March 30th, 2007 ]
Why does being sick have to suck so much? it's not even that I'm really entirely sick. I'm stuffed up and I feel like crap. Grrr.

This weekend is going to be spent doing sweet nothing. Alicia is coming over tomorrow night (I think), to finish her ISP for school. That's about all the excitement I'm gonna have... I can't really complain though, I'd rather get better than go out and freeze my ass of and get even more sick than I already sort of am. Some may say I suck or call me a pussy (you know who you are haha), but seriously... this is spring, who wants to be sick and feel like shit during nice weather? nobody, that's what I thought.

What the hell is going on today? I feel so isolated or something. I've been couped up in the house and it's apparently nice outside, and I feel gross. Nobody calls me, and I'm home by myself... aside from the dog, who for the last week follows me throughout the house.

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March 22nd, 2007 ]
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! ok, there's like a million and one (well not really that many) bands that are coming to London that I'm obviously going to miss because nobody will go with me, and as I've mentioned before I refuse to go to a concert by myself ever again. 

Firstly there's Taking Back Sunday w/ Underoath & Armor for Sleep on March 28th, that I have clearly been looking forward to since I guess before Christmas... and I'm not going.

HORSE the band w/ #12 Looks Like You @ The Salt on April 9th... I might be going to that show, cuz I really want to

Then there's From Autumn to Ashes w/ Haste the Day and Maylene & The Sons of Disaster on April 29th @ The Salt... I've been looking forward to this for a month now... again, another one that I'm gonna miss

Ok I guess that's only 3 bands... but still, I've missed so many in the last like 2 years it's not even funny.


I had the house to myself last night... I was bored to tears, so I rented Clerks II which I'd seen once before, awesome movie. 
It's so crappy out today... it was supposed to be really nice out today, but once again the weather network has disappointed me with their lies!

OH! It's official, Lindz and I are going back to school... TOGETHER! YAY! Fanshawe won't know what hit them, the 2 of us are gonna come in like a massive fucking tornado... oh I can't wait, I'm like squeeling for joy! weeeee


March 9th, 2007 ]

I know I only ordered my dress exactly one week ago today... and I still haven't received it. I swear I'm the most impatient person. As I had mentioned before, the shipping is something like 4-6 days... and from what I found out yesterday, it was shipped Monday... making it 4 days I guess. *sigh* at least it's in Canada now... somewhere.

This weekend is going to consist of hardly anything. I want an entirely lazy weekend, where I don't have to do anything. Not the case though, I told Alicia I would hang out with her tomorrow evening while my dad and Jeff go to Monster Jam at the JLC (I'm only slightly jealous). I apologize Lindz for not coming out this weekend, I just really feel like going anywhere... at night at least.

Not too much else has happened in the last week... oh! I went to the Slots with Lindz at the Western Fair, yeah I only spent $10 but it was FUN! aside from the fact that neither of us won anything.

Mmmk that's all.


February 21st, 2007 ]

I was accepted into the Chef Training program at Fanshawe! that's exciting, because the next year after I've completed the training I can take the 2 year Culinary Management- Apprentice program. My goal after completing college and working in the culinary industry is to have my own catering company... and maybe eventually a bakery (oh god do I love baking). YAY!


My rant for the day. [Tuesday
February 20th, 2007 ]

Alicia came with  me Saturday afternoon to Sophie's Gown Shop to assist me with my bridesmaid dress (or maid of honour, rather). We were there maybe 5 minutes. They were having a clearance sale so I thought I might get lucky and find an awesome dress for a good price... unfortunately that wasn't the case. The store was a complete mess/disappointment and didn't resemble a bridal shop at all... it looked more like a discount store without the discount prices, and the sales associates didn't bother to offer any assistance, they just stood behind their little counters with stupid looking grins plastered on their faces. No "Hi, bye, thanks for stopping by" or anything like that. Sophie's was supposed to be one of the most reputable bridal shops in London, I was completely appalled by the lack of customer service and the high prices for the ugliest dresses I had ever seen (ex. there was a red bridesmaid dress, it was puffy... looked like it was 2nd hand and from the 80's, gross fabric... $500) I could have probably gone to Value Village or something and found a dress better looking than that for something like $15. The sizes were shit, not everybody is a size 4. The selection was insulting, everything was categorized by colour (which makes sense), but all the red dresses looked identical and they were like $300/ea, it was rare to find a dress that went past a size 10. I vow never to step foot in that place again.


February 15th, 2007 ]

I've become quite the demostic, I've made dinner the last 2 nights and tonight... wow, roast beef dinner hahaha  it smells yumm-o! and I've washed dishes and did laundry... I feel so grown up =P (not that I don't wash dishes or do laundry anyway). All I need now is a 50's style house wife dress and an apron, then I'm all set!

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